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ISCLH First Biennial Book Prize (2022) 中国法律与历史国际学会2022年首届(双年)最佳著作奖揭晓

2022 Awards

On behalf of the Book Prize committee of ISCLH, we are happy to announce the results of our inaugural book prize competitions:

Professor Mara Yue Du’s book, State and Family in China: Filial Piety and Its Modern Reform (Cambridge University Press, 2021) (link to the press), is the winner of the first biennial book prize (2020-2021) of The International Society for Chinese Law and History (ISCLH). 

Professor Meng Zhang’s book, Timber and Forestry in Qing China (University of Washington Press, 2021) (link to the press), has received honorable mention for the prize.

The ISCLH plans to hold a book prize ceremony at the upcoming Association for Asian Studies annual conference in Boston in March 2023.

18 Nov. 2022

中国法律与历史国际学会2022年的首届(双年)最佳著作奖揭晓!经过学会著作奖评选委员会的长期筹备和数月的仔细评审,一致同意将本届的著作奖授予康奈尔大学杜乐教授的 State and Family in China: Filial Piety and Its Modern Reform《中国的国与家:孝道及其近代变革》(Cambridge University Press, 2021) 一书,并同时授予范德堡大学张萌教授的 Timber and Forestry in Qing China 《清代中国的木材与林业》 (University of Washington Press, 2021) 一书荣誉提名奖(honorable mention)。我们代表学会热烈祝贺两位作者,也感谢评奖委员会成员和学会著作委员会成员的辛苦工作。

中国法律与历史国际学会 2022年11月18日



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