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The governance structure of ISCLH has been stipulated in the By-Laws of the Society. The Bylaws were approved unanimously by the Society’s founding members and then amended on July 11, 2015. The following Society officers were elected by in the second election held in late 2015. Their term of service lasts from Jan. 1, 2016 to December 30, 2017.

Bylaws as Amended on July 11, 2015




ISCLH Executive Officers 學會日常管理人員 (括號中爲所在大學及地區):


President 會長: Dr. Li Chen 陳利 (Toronto, CA)

Vice-President 副會長: Dr. Johanna Ransmeier (Chicago, U.S.)

Secretary 秘書長: Dr. Weiting Guo 郭威廷 (Simon Fraser, CA)

Treasurer 財務長: Dr. Dandan Chen 陈丹丹 (SUNY Farmingdale, U.S.).

The Committee on Research 文獻委員會: Dr. You Chenjun 尤陳俊 (Chair, Renmin 人民大學, PRC), Dr. Michael Ng 吳海杰 (HKU, HK); Dr. Zhao Jing 趙晶 (Zhengfa daxue 中國政法大學, PRC),

The Committee of Conference 會議委員會: Dr. Zhang Taisu 張泰蘇 (Chair, Duke, U.S.), Mr. Tristan Brown (Columbia, U.S.), Alexis Siemon (Princeton, U.S.), Dr. Ting Zhang 張婷 (Maryland, U.S.)

The Committee on Publication 出版委員會: Dr. Daniel Asen (Chair, Rutgers, U.S.), Dr. Jennifer Altehenger (King’s College, London, U.K.), Dr. Chen Shuang 陳爽 (Iowa, U.S.), Dr. Hui Zhao 趙輝 (Durham, U.K.)

The Committee on Development 發展委員會: Quinn Javers (Chair, UC Davis, U.S.), Ms. Weiwei Luo (Columbia, U.S.), Dr. Philip Thai (Northeastern, U.S.)

The joint governing body of the Society consists of the Board of Directors and the Executive Council 學會最高管理機構由董事會和執委會聯合組成.

The Board of Directors 董事會:

Dr. Jerome Bourgon 鞏濤 (CNRS, France)
Dr. Chen Hwei-syin 陳惠馨 (Chengchi 政治大學, ROC)
Dr. Thomas Buoye 步德茂 (Tulsa, U.S.)
Dr. Geoffrey MacCormack 馬若斐 (Aberdeen Emeritus, U.K.)
Dr. Matsubara Kentaro 松原健太郎 (Tokyo, Japan)
Dr. Billy So 蘇基朗 (HKUST, HK) (honorary)
Dr. Matthew Sommer 蘇成捷 (Stanford, U.S.)
Dr. Wang Zhiqiang 王志強 (Fudan 復旦大學, PRC).
Dr. Robin Yates 葉山 (McGill, CA) (honorary)
Dr. Madeleine Zelin 曾小萍 (Columbia, U.S.); Plus the following members of the Executive Council 董事會成員還包含下列執委會成員:

The Executive Council 執行委員會:
Dr. Li Chen (President), Dr. Johanna Ransmeier (Vice-President), Dr. Daniel Asen (Committee Chair), Dr. Quinn Javers (Committee Chair), Dr. Taisu Zhang (Committee Chair), Dr. You Chenjun (Committee Chair), Mr. Weiting Guo (Secretary, ex-officio), Dr. Dandan Chen (Treasurer, ex-officio).

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